Career Possibilities
Most people associate psychology with reading someone’s mind or lying on a couch and sharing your feelings. While this is the side of psychology that we are shown on the TV or the movies, this is not what it is all about. According to an assignment writing service, psychology is the study of human behavior but this is not all, it is much more than that. It is also a study of mental functions and the main goal of psychology is to explain, predict and control behavior and mental processes.

If you are thinking about getting a degree in psychology, it is necessary to understand what this field has to offer and what career options are available that you can pursue in the long run. You must also know about the subfields and specializations within this broad major as it is only with complete knowledge that you will be able to work out career possibilities after graduation in psychology. There are so many career options with graduation in psychology but your interest plays a crucial role in making the right choice. This article discusses 6 career possibilities after graduation in psychology; take a good look at and see what you want to do after getting your degree.


After obtaining your degree in psychology, you can look forward to work as a clinician or a psychometrist who administers psychological testing and scores them. You will have to work under a licensed psychologist, in clinical settings and administer tests to applicants, employees, and students. To qualify for this job, you must be a psychology graduate and possess extensive knowledge about administration and the scoring of standardized tests.

Substance Abuse Counselor:

It is one of the fastest-growing careers almost in every part of the world as people need guidance and advice to deal with their addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and any other illegal substance. To qualify for this job, you require academic knowledge and training as well as a strong personality to deal with patients undergoing recovery. You will be required to work with people from all sections of life who are victims of substance abuse and require help to manage withdrawal symptoms most effectively.

Human Resource Officer:

Human resources is a very popular field that has come a long way in the past few decades. This job is ideal for people who prefer to work in organizational settings over the clinic or business environment. The main task of the human resource officer is to help the human resource manager to implement policies and strategies throughout the organization for better outcomes.

Human resource is without any doubt the backbone of any successful company as it helps to screen and recruit the best applications for the job. It also ensures good performance and behavior of its employees which is why organizations look for the best human resource officers to help them ensure good business outcomes in the long run.

Marriage and Family Therapist:

Another popular career in the clinic setting is a marriage and family therapist. As a therapist, you will be dealing with all sorts of issues and problems relating to marriage, household, and even children. These therapists often work together with the psychiatrists and social workers but they also have their private clinic where they counsel the patients. The main role of a marriage and family therapist is to facilitate behavioral changes in the marriage and family sphere and help couples deal with the problems they face due to certain changes or situations in life.

Psychiatric Technician:

With a degree in psychology, you can look forward to working as a psychiatric technician in clinical settings. These technicians are in charge of the patient’s overall mental wellness and report the patient’s mental and emotional state to medical staff. In addition to this, they assist in the personal hygienic, rehabilitation programs and also keep an eye on the oral and injectable medications that are administered to mentally ill patients. It might be a demanding job but you get a lot of hands-on experience while working as a psychiatric technician and the pay is also not bad.

School Counselors:

If you prefer teaching or working in educational settings, being a school counselor is a good option. Not only you will be working in a positive and bright environment but you can look forward to making a difference in the lives of students who face certain stress and anxieties that keep them from success. You will be concerned with the overall mental welfare of students as well as school employees and play a crucial role in helping them perform well.

Before getting a degree in psychology, get some knowledge about what this major is all about and if you want to dedicate yourself to this discipline. This field is the best if you enjoy helping individuals or families through personal problems and want to meet new people and listen, test or analyze them to know more about the human mind and behaviors.