Finish Homework
Do you remember when you were in school, and the times you didn't do your homework? Recall the excuses that you came up with. You completed it but left it home? Did you lose your workbook? Well you’re not the only one. Because each one of us, in one way or the other, did this in our childhood. Do you ever wonder why doing your homeworking is such a big deal? Every generation must have a few stories to tell their kids. So we can say that students make excuses all the time for not completing their homework. These reasons can serve teachers in preparing for the assignment tasks.

The reason for homework is not to annoy students, but to educate them and assignment writing services UK play an important role in this. Therefore, teachers can use this article as a guide for knowing the excuses that students may come up with. In this way, teachers can better prepare themselves too. What’s interesting here is the fact that students are not always at fault here. This article also points out a few reasons as to why students find it difficult to finish their homework. Let’s take a look at these first;

  • It's a fact that when you spend all day at school doing the work, it becomes boring. Monotony makes it boring to do homework. Hence it is important for students to find some newness in work to keep it interesting. Let's just say that innovation inspires people, which is also true for students. For instance, attempting mathematic questions that come with a twist is more intriguing than simply continuing the similar work you did with your teachers during the day.
  • Agree that you’re not always listening when your teachers speak. So you may not be able to understand the instructions well. Besides, maybe your teacher was unable to explain it to you as well. Whatever is the case, following instructions for your homework is not always easy. So for catering to this difficulty, read the instructions a couple of times. You can always ask for help from your elder siblings, or your parents in this context.
  • Sometimes, doing homework is not a priority. Yes, you heard it right. With all the music, sports, and art clubs, it is difficult to prioritise homework. Extracurricular activities can take up a lot of students' time. Some students also enrol in them for volunteer work. Whereas others have to take up part-time jobs. And don't forget, students like to hang out with friends as well. So with all that in line, it becomes difficult to prioritise work. This is why at the end of a tiring day, doing homework can be troublesome.
  • Another reason for students to dislike homework is that it does not make sense at all. It means that doing homework like working on discursive essay can appear pointless, and irrelevant for students. For instance, when you’re assigned a mathematics task, you think to yourself, do I actually need to do all 50 practice questions? I will simply attempt a couple of them for practice, and that would be it. A student may find it pointless to practice all fifty questions. Similarly, students may perceive homework as an irrelevant activity that takes up too much of their time.
  • For some students, home is not a place of quiet and peace. The house can be noisy, cluttered, and not at all peaceful. Like work, your school homework also requires attention, and a peaceful environment. When students fail to find a quiet place at home, it becomes difficult for them to do homework. Besides, at home, there is a lot of activity. There is a possibility that students might get distracted by family members. In some families, all siblings get together and share their daily activities. It can be distracting for students to do their homework in such situations.
  • The way that students in the 19th century studied is entirely different from today. Today with technological advancement, students require all the technological tools. For instance, previously, workbooks and textbooks were the only things one needed along with stationery. However, these days, students need their laptops and desktops for doing homework. Students may miss their homework due to a lack of equipment. Besides that, for instance, if you need a calculator and you don't have a physical one, you can always use your desktop or laptop. But what if the electricity goes out. In that case, students might not be able to complete their homework on time.
  • It is not always the case that a student doesn't want to work. However, all this can be overwhelming at times. Teachers can put the burden on students for getting a task finished through their homework. This makes it hard to organise what exactly is needed to be done. The long hours at school are already overwhelming. Hence coming back home and repeating the same cycle again is definitely tiring for some students.
  • When there is no intrinsic, or extrinsic reward attached, it is difficult for some people to complete a task. If an assignment is not graded, a student may find it pointless to complete that task. For instance, teachers don’t usually grade practice questions, and that makes it unattractive for the students in terms of putting in efforts.
  • Although this is a lame excuse, for some students, it is possible, and it refers to when they forget during remote learning. Yes, it is possible for students to actually forget that they have assignments to do, or they might forget some parts of the assignment. Sometimes, students forget the materials they require for completing the task. In other cases, it is difficult for them to remember when it’s due.

No matter what the task or homework is, there will be some excuses. Just keep these reasons in mind while setting homework for students. By knowing these reasons, you can set homework that facilitates the students’ interest. Besides, you might be able to come up with homework that students actually want to do this way. It is also possible that they will have a hard time thinking about an excuse. Take these reasons as a guide for knowing your students more, and for supporting them in their learning process.