How can I write a dissertation while caring for a child and having many other things to do? How can I prioritise writing this important document to get it done by NEXT YEAR? These are some of the questions that a mom who is also pursuing a PhD has in her mind. Undoubtedly, working on a dissertation while parenting is a challenging thing. You need some serious guidelines to write a dissertation while caring for a child. It is because both the tasks have their own importance in your life. Today's article is about how moms can work on their dissertation alongside taking care of their children.

Guidelines to write a dissertation for moms

The education system all around the world is mostly designed for students. It is why those students who are also moms struggle to get things done. The challenges they face can be overwhelming for them. Therefore, such moms need guidelines on how they can work on their dissertation while performing their parental duties. Hence, a brief description of the strategies they can adopt for writing a dissertation is as follows:

Write when your husband is at home

As a mom, indeed, you have some responsibilities. Not all the responsibilities are for you; your husband can also take care of the child when he is home. He may take the baby outside the home so you can work on your dissertation with full concentration and in a calm environment. Another possibility is that you can visit the nearby library while your husband is at home and work on your dissertation.

Prioritize your things

Prioritising your things is another strategy that works well for moms. While you are working on your dissertation, postpone the unimportant things. It has been seen by many moms who want to complete a dissertation might have other family commitments. Know that these two things cannot go together. Therefore, you need to prioritise important things for at least one month or two. Care for your child, work on the dissertation, and leave the rest for later.

Bulk cooking

Children are always hungry for food and milk. It is really difficult for moms to feed them and write a dissertation side by side. Therefore, as a mom, you should see if there is a possibility of bulk cooking. You can cook something in bulk for your child on weekends. This way, you will feed him and work on your dissertation.

Hire a babysitter

This is the last option when you do not know what to do, and the pressure of dissertation writing is mounting daily. Consider hiring a babysitter who can take care of your child while you work on your dissertation. This practice of hiring a caretaker has helped many moms.


Writing a dissertation while parenting can be very overwhelming. There are your child's needs on one side, and on the other, there are academic goals. The tips mentioned above can be very helpful in such a scenario. You should consider adopting them to get your dissertation completed on time.